Sunday, 26 March 2017

Step up

2nd Class have taken part in Step Up
We have come 3rd and then 1st the second time,
The children in the class are very enthusiastic about step up and are always thinking of new ways to increase our steps.
We dance in the mornings, we skip at break times, we do laps around the yard.  We have gone on nature walks to local parks to identify natural and unnatural materials.  We do exercises during day.
The children love dancing so in the mornings we dance to various songs.

Planting Seeds

Environmental Awareness
Caring for my Locality
Develop an awareness that air, water, soil, living and non-living things are essential to the environment.

 We planted spinach and mint seeds in different conditions,  We planted seeds in a greenhouse with all the conditions needed in order for a plant to grow, We then eliminated one of the essential conditions for seeds to grow.
 We made greenhouses using two plastic bottles
 We cut them in half first
 We put compost into the top of a bottle
 We planted mint and spinach

 the children all had a chance to put compost into a glass house
 The children sprinkled seeds into the compost
 We labelled each greenhouse stating what conditions it was to be grown in

The children drew pictures of what they think would happen if an element was missing compared to seeds planted with all the essential conditions

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

RSA - Road Safety Authority

Second Class had a lesson on Road Safety.  They all received a safety licence☺✋

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Winnie the Witch

Winnie the Friendly Witch visited our class last Friday.  Each day she gives us tasks to do and if we do them well she leaves us treats. We are reading a book called Winnie the Witch.

We had to make potions and spells.  We also drew Winnie the Witch.  She likes when we sing Halloween songs and say Halloween poems.

Autumn Trees